Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Noli de Castro

Holding hands with the Vice President.
actually, we were afraid of falling over the edge
(in Subic Bay, opening of a real estate development)

All we are saying....

Give Peace a Chance!

The Crew

Great crew! The making of the documentary "Searching for Sandy"

"Searching for Sandy"

found him

American Memorial Cemetary in Manila

My companion in the "Search of Sandy" is Manuel Quezon III, who is the grandson of President Quezon who was serving during the war and the time period that Lieutenant Nininger was killed. I am grateful for Manuel's participation and he added an incredible element to this historical yet personal documentary. Manuel is an historian, opinion columnist, and has a new television show on primetime called "The Explainer". He certainly did a lot of explaining during this filming.


Its rainy season in the Philippines....I was able to shoot the opening scenes of a documentary I'm making called "Searching for Sandy". It's my journey to find the first Congressional Medal of Honor awardee from WWII, Alexander "Sandy" Nininger. Mark & I came across his memorial statue in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where we now reside. Intrigued by it, we found out that he was killed outside of Manila. I also found out that he had an interest in the arts. Thus begins my journey....