Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celebrity Dentist

With the outrageous cost of medicine in the US, we have to get all of our medical and dental work done in the Philippines, where it's more affordable. Here I am getting a tooth yanked by Doc Buizon.

Amazing find

I made a nostalgic trip back to my neighbourhood in the mountains of Antipolo, a subdivision called Victoria Valley. I found these signs still hanging all husband Mark painted these signs 10 years ago, in response to the widespread fires. It was our feeble attempt to stop the 'slash and burn' tactics that destroyed the land and our homes. The burning continues, but the signs remain!

Samaritana Center Opening Reception

Melba Maggay, Arlene Villaver, Robin Merrill, & Thelma Nambu

Long time no see

Great to see Mari & Enchang Kaimo at the opening of the new Samaritana Center. after that, we kept running into each other!

Bataan Death March marker