Monday, August 27, 2007

For the Green League: a sampling of images for consideration for the Green Directory

Asleigh prints his postcards on "Astrobright" card stock, as you can see in these images, but we can get permission to reprint them in just black ink, on whatever recycled paper we end up using. I have more than 100 appropriate "pot-shots" to choose from, if you all are interested in obtaining these for the directory.
Let me know your feedback and comments!
As I mentioned in the Green League post, our shop- Mission Gifts- will be a distributor of Ashleigh Brilliant products, in the near future. I love his stuff! I was first introduced to his postcards in Berkeley 25 years ago, and I kept a flipbook of my favorite postcards, as a Laugh Therapy Kit during the dark days of the Revolution in the Philippines (he has some that are very lighthearted--more than 10,000 now).