Friday, October 13, 2006


As part of the Ambassador's Tour, we had a wreath laying ceremony at the Rizal Monument at Rizal Park, downtown Manila. Replete with 21 gun salute, Navy band and Honor Guards. My father was an Honor Guard in the US Navy. This was a very moving event and I was glad to attend.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meeting the President

We met the President in Malacanang Palace the day after we arrived, July 14. This is the Florida delegation that I was with. OH MY GOSH, am I that big?? It looks like GIRAFFE WOMAN. No wonder people call me AMAZONA, or GIGANTE. And this time I heard some guys look right at me, not knowing that I know Tagalog, and say "Grabe, ang laki!!" (Im too huge). Good thing I wasnt standing next to the President, she's small but vicious. I actually think she's a woman with great potential and great talents, but something has definitely gone wrong. Because I dont live there right now and not privy to comment, I won't even begin to speculate, only pray.