Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good Morning

This is a staircase I made outside my backdoor.
It's on the side of a mountain in Antipolo, Victoria Valley.
It was still there, after all these years.

The last step says INGAT (Be Careful!)

a God Rock

I had the chance to visit the home we lived in for over a decade. Here is the stone in front of the house, that I realized gave me much inspiration, both artistically and spiritually. Do you believe in deriving spiritual inspiration from a rock? There is much insight to be had from rocks and stones (they've been around a lot longer than we have). I feel like I "cultivated" this rock, as I watered and planted around it, and that it shed it's 'light' on me.
If you look at many of my paintings, you can pick up on the inspiration that I took from this rock, and others.

Revisiting Past Dreams & Plans

I was able to revisit a piece of land that we nearly bought in 1999, before being redirected to go to the United States. This is a very large area of multiple lots, owned by a bank. They were about to sell to CCDF at a great price, and at the last minute they changed their mind on selling, unexplainably, but we knew that God's hand was in it. This would have been "pioneering" in the extreme to cultivate this roughed, mountainous piece of property. It has a great view of the Taktak river and overview of the metropolis of Manila.
God knows what's best.